A warehouse and logistics company building the future in Vlissingen (Flushing)

Vlissingen is a lively village on the coast of the Netherlands and a haven for any logistics company. The Port of Vlissingen has a rich history in the trade industry, it was a major point of trade in skins, salt, wool, herring, and tar by the 13th century. Trade and crafts are some of the foundations the town of Vlissingen has built its success on. Today, the traded materials differ vastly. However, the industry itself is still a major success overall. For a logistics company, it is a busy hustle and bustle. Today, trade is still one of the most established contributors to their economy, making it the perfect location for a venture like ours.


Since 2010, our warehouse in Vlissingen has been used for the storing of aluminium. This aluminium was destined to be traded on the LME (London Metal Exchange). In 2017 we diversified our portfolio and started to store soft commodities in our warehouses.


New space for new ideas in our logistics company

The newfound space left room for us to get creative. It gave us the opportunity to come up with a new and profitable venture using our existing space. Simply put, we needed a solution for the empty warehouses. After some deliberation, we analysed the market and found a niche that complements our existing endeavours, the stocking of agricultural products, an idea which turned out to be an interesting opportunity.



When timing and opportunity come together

The harbour in Vlissingen has a strategical strength. It also has the perfect capabilities to receive agricultural products. Next, to this, the fact that as a logistics company, our warehouses have solutions for big bulks of agricultural products.


Due to a changing market, and, as a logistics company creating new opportunities in Vlissingen, we put our decision into action. We decided to move the external office of Access World Vlissingen to our Ferro Alloys terminal. After a short construction period of only 7 weeks, all our people moved to the new wing on the Monacoweg. The old office at the Monacoweg has been renovated.



Access World’s improved logistics company services

The changes came into effect as of the 1st of January 2019. All office staff of Access World Vlissingen and Terminals in Vlissingen closely work closer together in one new environment. They are located at one location for a prosperous future of our great company. This means that as a logistics company, we can offer better collaboration, easier inter-department procedures, and simplify a number of processes. It also means no matter which service you’re seeking from us, it’s accessible from one convenient location. If you’re in the neighbourhood, we are happy to show you around.


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