About Us

About Us

Our Advantages

Major Commodities

We are a leading service provider for all major commodity markets such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, forest and agricultural products, project cargo, polymers and oil and gas. Our customers include producers, traders, financiers and consumers.

Our Capabilities

With over 150 warehouse facilities and over 1,000 employees globally and with around 5 million tonnes of various commodities under its control, Access World presents a more than capable safe pair of hands for your business.


We are proud of our diversified customer and commodity base across the globe. We draw on our commitment, diversity, experience and global network to provide responsible business leadership across the entire supply chain.

Truly Global

Access World operates a global network of port and warehouse facilities, positioned in the strategic locations that the commodities we handle requires. Enabling worldwide logistics to be a seamless reality with Access World.

Our Services

Your Logistics. Locally. Globally.

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