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Access World Maritime have offices in Richards Bay, Durban and Cape Town which handle a diverse portfolio of shipping clients, emanating from several unique sectors. This established shipping agency leverages its extensive experience and expertise in the maritime sector to deliver outstanding port and customs services.

As a shipping company, Access World Maritime is versed in safety, commercial regulations of South African ports. Access World Maritime ensures that our clients’ vessels comply fully with these requirements to prevent any delay by ensuring that the actions taken, and information provided, are correct and appropriate.

Access World Maritime handles around 200 operational port calls each year through various ports in South Africa, with our shipping agents boasting a wealth of experience.

Access World Maritime is responsible for organizing, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the vessels port call. From project management of the vessel’s arrival, operational planning, sailing and husbandry services to the final disbursement of accounts. Access World Maritime serves a wide range of vessels from a cross section of industries including chemical tankers, product vessels, bunker vessels, bulk carriers and general cargo vessels, repairs and dry-docking vessels to stock pile management and customs clearing.

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