Access World Peru in the Fresh Product Market!

Peru plays a vital role in the supply of sweet onions year-round. Attributing to this fact, Access World Peru has recently shifted its focus in order to increase our footprint in this sector. As of June 2019, our Peru team grew allowing an influx of experience in the fresh products market. As a result, we have been able to solidify relationships and establish agreements with major players in the fresh sweet onions sector, consequently allowing us to successfully handle shipments for the three main onions importers in the USA! We have thus grown our market share in the Peruvian onion exports to North America, from 5% to 25%.


However, for Access World Peru it does not end with the sweet onions market. In addition to our growth in this sector alone, our recently implemented business expansion plan was focused on diversification. Due to the successful conclusion of an agreement with a freight forwarder in Valencia, Spain, we now have our foot in the door of the forwarding business! Allowing for a focus not only on fresh onions, but on other fresh products too, such as avocados and mangos. This resulted in Access World holding 70% of the market share with our bookings from last season alone.


These new ventures in our business have allowed us to grow in the local handling and logistics services for the Peruvian fresh products exporters. Creating an attractive position for Access World Peru in 2020!

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