Expansion Update Access World Terminals B.V.!

In May 2019 Access World Terminals B.V., located in Vlissingen, signed a contract with North Sea Port for the expansion of its quay and terminal. The newly occupied area adjoins the company’s existing site. The project almost doubles the terminal’s size to 16.5 hectares over the upcoming years!


Most of the newly purchased land will be used for building warehousing facilities of the highest standards. Construction of the first warehouses will start in the second half of 2020. An additional investment will be made into the building of a new quay by the North Sea Port. The quay will be extended to 290 metres in length and will provide access to ships with a draught up to 13 metres. This will allow Access World the ability to service larger and more modern (break-)bulk vessels in the Kaloothaven dock (Vlissingen).

Picture of expansion


Benefits of the expansion

As a result, Access World Terminals B.V. will enjoy numerous benefits. The expansion plan will allow for increased efficiency and optimisation of our operations. Additionally, with the increased capacity, the potential for diversification will be far greater. While our focus remains on ensuring efficiency and the quality in the services we provide, we aim to expand our portfolio of value-adding services that we are able to offer our clients.

Access World has taken additional measures to assure that the newly built facilities will not only adhere to the highest safety standards, but also result in a reduction of the environmental impact of our operations. We have already adapted our construction plan in order to ensure compliance to the stricter building requirements within the Netherlands. All newly built facilities are required to be almost energy-neutral as per the 1st January 2020. We expect for the planned facilities expansion and quay to be fully operational in 2022.


This terminal expansion will be beneficial to the area by ensuring improved maritime access to the Kaloothaven dock (Vlissingen), as well as bringing additional business investment into the region.


We are very proud of our partnership with the North Sea Port and are looking forward to the upcoming phases!

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