Access World’s warehouse receipts are highly liquid

Access World’s warehouse receipts are
highly liquid in the business

We move and store commodity products all over the world on a daily basis. These goods fall into six possible categories – agricultural, forest products, oil & gas, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and project cargo. Well-equipped facilities are necessary for the large volumes changing hands. Here at Access World, we’re the leading warehousing and logistics company. Skilled teams and excellent facilities are only half of what we offer. We are also proud to say our warehouse receipts are highly liquid.


The importance of warehouse receipts

These documents are an important part of the commodity trade process. They can facilitate the trade of a commodity without it ever having to leave the warehouse. Throughout the supply chain, that commodity can be bought and sold through the receipt changing hands. These documents are also a valuable tool to help obtain financing from banks/financiers. Clients pledge their materials to financiers by using warehouse receipts and in turn provide credit facilities based on these documents. Producers, manufacturers, distributors and trading houses all benefit the use of warehouse receipts. There’s no doubt about it, a reliable and recognisable receipt is invaluable in the business.


What makes Access World’s warehouse receipt service so good?

Access World is a highly reputable brand and our warehouse receipts are highly recognisable and traded in the industry. In addition, our warehouse receipts complement our world-class stock monitoring and collateral management services. We pride ourselves on being an independent and trusted third party of choice. Commodity-owners and financiers alike can take comfort in the level of service we offer. With our collateral management services and stock auditing, we’re able to provide a high level of security to financiers.

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