Choose Access World: Market-oriented warehousing services you can trust

Choose Access World: Market-oriented warehousing services you can trust

Commodity products are stored and transported every day. Whether you are a farmer growing commercial crops or looking for a solution for your project cargo, you will need to make use of logistics and warehousing services at some point. Finding a logistics company with professional transport and warehousing services should be the top priority of any business dealing in the commodity market. At Access World, we do our best to stay on top of the commodity market. With our clients in mind, we endeavour to find flexible solutions for a range of commodities.

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What makes our warehousing services so reliable?

The logistics and warehousing of hard assets across the supply chain is a vital part of the commodity market. Items in bulk need to make it from their initial place of production to their final place of consumption on a daily basis. As a business, you want to know your product is getting from point A to point B without mishap. That’s where Access World comes in. We provide world-class logistics and warehousing services on a global scale. With us, your product is in safe hands. But what makes us the most reliable in the business? We’ll tell you.


We handle all major commodities

Here at Access World, we’re a leading service provider for all major commodity markets. We handle a variety of commodity sectors at the highest level of service. These include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, agricultural products, forest products, project cargo, polymers and oil and gas. We have customers across the spectrum, including producers, traders, financiers and consumers.


Access World is truly global

Not only do we handle a variety of products, but we offer our services worldwide. Discover the locations of all our facilities. Our network of port and warehouse facilities are operational in twenty-five countries across the world, from Vietnam to Peru. All strategically positioned in locations suitable for the commodities we handle daily. Our extensive international reach allows for a seamless logistics service. We can transport your product from one end of the world to the other, across the entire supply chain.


We’re more than capable

The handling of large quantities of commodity products requires a skilled pair of hands.  Here at Access World, we have over 1000 employees across the globe. Our highly trained and experienced team make sure your goods are handled expertly and efficiently. We handle around twenty million tons of commodity products at our various warehouse facilities worldwide. With our skilled team on the job, your business has a capable pair of hands managing the transportation of your goods.

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Keep it simple

The logistics and warehousing of your commodity needn’t cause you a headache. With us behind the wheel, your product will make it from one side of the world to the other without hassle. We take care of everything and handle cargos in most commodity-centric ports. From warehouse receipts to collateral management, we’ve got you covered.


Choose our warehousing services

Access World prides itself on keeping up to date with the ever-changing commodity market. It’s our philosophy to meet the needs of our clients with tailor made solutions. Are you looking for quality logistics and warehousing services? Contact us for a quote.

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