Coffee in the making at Access World Indonesia

Continuous innovation and improvement of processes in handling our clients’ commodities is key at Access World. In line with this strategy, Access World Indonesia took on a brave new initiative to cater for the local coffee industry in Lampung, Indonesia.

Access World was limitedly present in Lampung due to fierce local competition which dominates the coffee scene. We, however, took on the challenge to break into the coffee market in Indonesia: Initially we faced the harsh local crop harvest in 2018. The small harvest drove up coffee prices and, coupled with a low export market resulted in little demand for the storage of beans.

Despite the adverse market conditions, our team continued to make our presence known by keeping close contact with local traders and roasters to truly understand and cater to their needs. We have made ourselves more competitive by re-evaluating our rates and adding innovative services to our customers. Next to that, we also invested in our very own processing plant to provide screening and sizing of coffee beans and today offer our customers tailor-made solutions to their needs. We made sure to conclude all the groundwork in preparation for the next harvesting season!


Results showing in 2019

The team’s perseverance was rewarded in 2019, when within 3 months, our warehouse was at full capacity and a secondary warehouse was taken on as a result. We optimised our warehouse capacity further by investing in a conveyor belt system. This system allows us to stack bags at twice the present height, doubling our storage capacity. With increased capacity and lower cost, we are able to offer storage and services at competitive “pay-per-use” rates for those clients looking to lower their fixed overheads.

With the team’s ever-expanding expertise, we continue to open doors for storage and logistics opportunities for various commodities, such as cloves and pepper.


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