Want to know what a career at Access World looks like?

Want to know what life is like at Access World? Read about Jonathan’s experience! August 2019 marked the 5th year in Jonathan’s career at Access World and he will walk you down memory lane on how it all started, where Access World has taken him and where he hopes Access World can take him further.


The application process of Jonathan

After sending his CV to an email address shown in the contacts section of the Access World website, Jonathan (Jon) started his journey at Access World, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. “Honestly I didn’t know what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect a reply back but they did!” explains Jon. “After graduating from university all I knew was that I wanted to work in the commodities industry and I came across Access World’s website (at that time Pacorini Metals) by chance. After researching on Access World a little more, I knew I had to introduce myself and hope for the best”.

Jon remembers his interview process vividly and the feeling he got when he first got offered the opportunity to start his career at Access World. “It was certainly a surreal process for me, I lived in the UK at the time and I never once thought I would get past the Skype interview stage, let alone moving to Switzerland and working there”. Jon continues by recollecting on what he felt was the turning point for him in the interview process, “I remember having a Skype video interview at home alone and during the call my dog Ted was barking madly for my attention.  I tried to put him outside but he continued barking loudly and I couldn’t get rid of him so I had no choice but let Ted accompany me and continue the video interview together! I guess that somehow helped me because I got invited to see them in Switzerland”.

The second interview however was what made Jonathan convinced Access World was the company for him. “I have never been to Switzerland before and my German was basic at best so there were times I questioned myself on why I would leave the home comforts of London to someplace so unfamiliar. Access World made my trip to Switzerland so seamless, they made me feel at home during the second interview stage. I just felt it was the company for me. By the time of the third and final interview, I knew I had to try my best to convince Peter (our CEO) that I was the right fit for Access World”.


Jon’s career at Access World

Since then Jon’s career at Access World has been colourful, having gained copious amounts of experience through numerous positions and key projects, as well as being based in countries such as Switzerland and Singapore during his 5 years. “My time at Access World has been nothing short of amazing, not only from a career perspective, but also on a personal level”. Jon explained, “Not many companies can offer the level of exposure I got in such a short space of time. In 5 years I have worked in Switzerland and Singapore and travelled to numerous Access World locations like Rotterdam, Korea, and Indonesia. Since my time at Access World, I took on important projects like spearheading Access World’s rebranding across APAC, implementing our very own bespoke global Warehouse Management System in Malaysia and even help rolling out ‘SafeAccess’; Access World’s health and safety initiative”. Jon continues, “What makes Access World truly special though is the people. Throughout my time from the interview stage till now my managers, colleagues and even ex-colleagues have been nothing but supportive of me”


When faced with the question ‘what next in Access World?’, Jon’s answer was met with reserved but clear optimism, “Honestly I’m not sure but I know for certain that the people in Access World will support me all the way”.


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