Meet Sandile, General Manager Operations Durban!

Meet Sandile! He is our General Manager Operations in Durban, South Africa. Read his interview below!

What do you do at Access World?

We have many clients in our facility but it remains my responsibility to ensure that not one client feels less important than the other. Client’s wants assurance that their commodity is handled according to agreed SOP and it’s my responsibility to demonstrate that all the time.


Which three words would you choose to describe your role?

  1. Change
  2. Strategy
  3. Implementation


What do you like about working at Access world?

Hard work and determination is always appreciated and recognised. You can only limit yourself at Access World! I can tap into my full potential without being judged. Even if you fail, it does not feel like failure but a wrong turn but you still feel closer to your destination.

I have worked for many corporate organizations whereby in some cases I never even get to speak to Director or CEO. At Access World, employees are not just numbers but family members for this big Global organization.


What are your past experiences that assist with your current position?

Although I have been into warehouse and logistics for over 10 years, one thing that I believe in is that there is no end to learning. Whatever role / assignment I have been given in the past, I would make sure that I equip myself by reading (articles, journals and books) about that particular role, research about particular people that have been successful in similar positions or executed similar assignments successfully and find someone to mentor me if possible.


What is something you would like to change in the industry Sandile?

While I totally agree with fact that we need experienced people in our industry, I also think that it’s also time we give the young generation a chance to continue with the race. We have many bright, smart, innovative and intelligent young people that we are failing to recognize because they don’t possess experience. Experience will soon become less important but we will require disruptive minds that will continuously challenge old ways of doing things.


What do you enjoy when you are not working?

Reading books, travelling with my family and playing board games with my boys. I am also a National Council member for Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transports South Africa (CILTSA).


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