New opportunities in the USA!

In the beginning of September 2019 Access World USA’s Houston, Texas location started with a new opportunity! We began warehousing and distribution operations for multiple clients with as much as 3800 square metres of warehouse space dedicated to the storage of copy paper.

In October we became a participant in the Amazon Direct Fulfilment programme in USA. This new venture is providing a myriad of advantages for all involved parties, from vendor to customer, starting with improved inventory management in our warehouses. Customer orders are automatically dispatched by Amazon through the fulfilment system, which is based on inventory levels across their network of warehouses. Upon receipt of customer orders, UPS labels are automatically generated on site in our warehouse.

Barcode scanning of the product shipping labels updates the inventory with real-time data, providing a more accurate visibility of available stock. This results in a more efficient process of order fulfilment. As orders are received, the copy paper cartons are picked from inventory, labelled with the UPS tracking label, and then scanned out of inventory. After which they are palletised for daily collection by UPS. This streamlined process allows for pallet breakdown and repackaging of same day shipments, improving the inventory turnaround times in our warehouse.



We are excited to take part in this new undertaking and look forward to continual expansion in the future! The possibilities at Access World are endless!

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