Taking our stride into the American trucking industry

The trucking industry in the US makes up a large percentage of America’s freight transportation. With thousands of miles of road networks covering the expanse of every state, road freight works seamlessly across every industry. It’s a competitive market, but highly lucrative when successful. With trucking being a prominent part of our American logistics, we decided to explore the trucking industry for ourselves.

Access World USA Trucking launches in Baltimore

As a logistics company, we expedite the transport of goods all over the world, by land, sea and air. For the most part, we deal with a list of trusted suppliers, but earlier this year, Access World USA ventured into the exciting world of road freight services. In March, Access World USA Trucking (LLC) began operations out of our Baltimore, Maryland location. The Baltimore market alone offers countless opportunities for trucking. We’re confident it will serve as a showground for this new business venture.

To begin, we’ve launched with six trucks with our very own Access World drivers. Already we’ve begun hauling local direct drays out of the Port of Baltimore. In this short time, we’ve taken over 70% of the local drayage from the Port of Baltimore to our warehouses in Sparrows Point, Maryland. Not to mention, drayage is only one aspect of the industry that we have available out of Access World locations. Currently, we’re exploring other options, including local flatbed loads and the potential for off-road work as well. The opportunities are endless for our new trucking company.


The future’s looking bright

Access World USA Trucking is very excited about where this endeavor will take us in the future. We are still in our early days, but we’re sure our company will continue to prove a success. Whether you want to learn more about our new venture or you’re looking for a competitive logistics solution, get in touch with Access World USA today.

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