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During the first week of September, the regional heads for HSEC and legal met up in Durban, South Africa, for their annual summit. This summit is designed to bring together the appropriate stakeholders to develop a high-level strategy and address crucial problems. All with the goal to ensure that we maintain high standards within Access World and deal with any potential issues before they impact the business.



The focus of the legal meetings were placed on enhancing current policies and procedures, including Contractor Management, Third Party Due Diligence, Insurance Claims, Standard Terms and Conditions and Sanctions Issue Register.



Areas of focus in terms of SafeAccess for the remainder of 2019 and 2020 include enhancing risk awareness, ensuring a mature safety culture, proactive intervention and safety leadership. As part of the HSEC strategic plan, focus was placed on the following areas:

  • Health: An Access World Health Programme will be rolled out with focus on ‘fit for work – fit for life’ as well as on injury management at the workplace.
  • Safety: Continuous improvement and development of the SafeAccess Programme including enhancing risk awareness, ensuring a mature safety culture and ensuring proactive intervention and safety leadership at all entities of Access World.
  • Environmental: An Access World Strategic Environmental Plan with the purpose to provide a consistent and systematic approach to the management of environmental matters throughout the Access World group, not only to achieve compliance with applicable regulatory requirements but also to improve our environmental performance.
  • Community: Development and Implementation of a Community Policy to ensure that Access World and its operations have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.


After all the work was done, the teams had the chance to experience Africa and a customary tradition is to experience wild life and traditional food. The teams went on a game drive and experienced the Big 5 Game. They also enjoyed some typical African food like braaivleis, pap, samp and mielies. On the last evening senior management joined the teams for a Boma braai dinner.

After a week long summit the teams left tired, but also with a once in a lifetime experience in the African Bush!

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