Access to The BESS World

BESS Unit is a buzzword within the logistics and renewable energy sectors, and we are giving you access to the insight you seek.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) units provide a sophisticated energy storage system that captures and stores electricity, offering seamless backup power during peak demand or grid disruptions.

Since early 2008 South Africa has faced an energy crisis that has caused significant energy challenges, including frequent power outages and an unreliable electricity supply. But, with the first hybrid solar project underway in South Africa, light is at the end of the tunnel.

With remarkable features like rapid charging, long-lasting performance, and seamless integration with renewable sources, BESS units elevate energy storage to unprecedented levels redefining the boundaries of renewable energy by efficiently storing surplus power for later use and reducing reliance on conventional fossil fuel-based solutions.

Access World is helping drive this change by transporting BESS Units from one end of the world to our local shores. Each BESS unit is considered high-risk class 9 hazardous goods with lithium, weighs over 30 tons, and requires a container flat rack for transportation, which is currently in global shortage. We use specialized lashing to secure the BESS unit in place, ready for the meticulously planned route that considers critical factors of the South African terrain to determine the most cost-effective transportation routes that allow for no delays to project timelines.

Get Access to experienced BESS Unit handling with Access World.

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